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not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.

J.K. Rowling re-launches

I used to spend hours on searching for clues, reading extra tid-bits from the wizarding world and not forgetting taking part in the W.OM.B.A.T. All of that came to an end at when the site was changed to a more simplistic site. Luckily for us, the site has been updated again and now has similarities to the original, although in my opinion it’s missing the original cosy feel that I used to get from the the original. It’s a step in the right direction though.

A few years ago I resurrected, but I didn’t feel the same connection to the new design and it showed, because I hardly ever wrote anything for it.

So I decided to start over. I wanted to bring my website back to what it used to be: something real and personal. This is a faithful representation of my writing desk, except that I haven’t put on the bits of stale popcorn and biscuit crumbs that usually litter the surface. Everything looks a bit tidier and cleaner than it really is, but after all, it’s only polite to make an effort for guests. The various objects littered around really do live in my writing room; some of them have sentimental value, some are practical and others have found their way in via friends and family members.

What this means for fans of J.K Rowling is the promise of new content such as the debunking of rumours through the use of the debunking button, one element that has returned from her original site. I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing additional information posted on

Great Expectations

A belated Merry Christams is in order. I hope everyone had a fantastic time and are now over their Turkey comas. I’m looking forward to the year ahead in books and hope that I’m able to get through a fair amount, but with studies taking priorities that might prove difficult.

To see out the new year and the start of my Penguin English Library project, I’ve started to read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. With that, I will leave you with my good wishes and great expectations for the year ahead.

Review: All balls and glitter by Craig Revel Horwood

Balls and Glitter is Craig’s remarkable life story, beginning with the tale of his escape from his small-town home in Ballarat, Australia, aged just fifteen, to embark on a career as a song-anddance man (and drag queen), and revealing the intimate secrets of his straight marriage and gay relationships, as well as the treachery and heartbreak that accompanied them. Hear all the details of Craig’s fascinating career as a performer, choreographer, director and – most recently – as a TV star on Strictly, Fame Academy and Celebrity MasterChef. All Balls and Glitter is unmissable, packed with breathtaking backstage gossip and showbiz secrets from one of the most captivating men on television.

I’m not much of an autobiography reader. Those that I do read are usually authored by British comedians. It seems out of place then to be reading an autobiography of a dancer. Particularly one who’s most famous for being a picky judge on a TV based dance contest. You see, my partner is a huge fan of strictly come dancing and decided to indulge herself with reading of this text, once she had finished she left it lying around the house. Upon discovering the book, I read the first page with the aim of causing mischief; throwing out sarcastic comments. This isn’t something that I would normally do, but on this occasion decided to ignore the old adage of not judging a book by its cover. Craig Revel Horwood’s orange face, gaping grin and pure white teeth, combined with a banner that states “contains all the latest gossip” was enough for me to dismiss it as a trashy kiss and tell story. But after the first page and discovering it was an actual autobiography, I decided to give a chance. “I’ll read the first chapter” I told myself; “I’ll then unleash my attitude on her”. That one chapter was enough to hook me.

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The Woman in Black

Review: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

My first experience with the woman in Black was watching the film version that was released a few years ago – you know, the one with Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I like Daniel Radcliffe, but I can’t say with all honesty that the film was the best of experiences and certainly not one that I could bear to repeat. However, recently the local theatre had a touring production of the stage play and I was recommended it. “much better than the film” I was urged, “more in line with the book”. Dubiously, I took the recommendation and…loved it. It’s amazing what a little sound affect, lighting, imagination and three, that’s right three, actors can achieve. Anyway, the result of this saunter to the theatre was that my partner, having stood in line for almost the entirety of the intermission, managed to bag herself a signed edition of the novel. Some wouldn’t recommend reading the woman in Black at night especially before putting your head down, but for better or worse that is what I did:

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