So Is Life is a literary blog written an created by me – Rich Hole. When i’m not in my day job or studying for my BA in English Language & Literature with the Open University, I can be found with a book in my hands or Blogging from the beautiful cathedral city of Exeter.

Why so is life?

There are a couple of reasons I chose to call this sight ‘so is life’. Firstly, it’s taken from a quote:

As is a tale, so is life: not how long it’s, but how good it is, is what matters

– Senica

This quote just seems to fit my concept that stories can a have a big impact on ones life, but at the same time the events and circumstances of your life has an impact upon your reaction to a text. That’s why, when I write a review always try to include the story of my discovery of the text.

Secondly, the quote was spoken by J.K Rowling at her graduation speech to Harvard. The speech was about the power of imagination and how your imagination is a integral part of who you are. Suffice to say, the speech had a profound impact upon me.