My first experience with the woman in Black was watching the film version that was released a few years ago – you know, the one with Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I like Daniel Radcliffe, but I can’t say with all honesty that the film was the best of experiences and certainly not one that I could bear to repeat. However, recently the local theatre had a touring production of the stage play and I was recommended it. “much better than the film” I was urged, “more in line with the book”. Dubiously, I took the recommendation and…loved it. It’s amazing what a little sound affect, lighting, imagination and three, that’s right three, actors can achieve. Anyway, the result of this saunter to the theatre was that my partner, having stood in line for almost the entirety of the intermission, managed to bag herself a signed edition of the novel. Some wouldn’t recommend reading the woman in Black at night especially before putting your head down, but for better or worse that is what I did:

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